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Come together as a family

Family focused counseling is provided at Howard Counseling Services for all of your needs. Whether the focus is on family healing or on making sure that everyone's emotional needs are cared for, the Howard Counseling Services would love to make a counseling plan with you.


Speak with us about the couple and family services that you wish to pursue to hit the ground running.

Couples counseling

Are you looking to work through the issues of relationship to make sure that you start out your marriage on the right foot? Have you and your partner hit a low point, and want to rise again? Come to Howard Counseling Services for couples counseling to develop a stronger relationship.

Domestic violence

If your family has been involved in a domestic violence situation, ignoring the situation will only make it worse. Deal with the emotional aftermath by taking the first steps to couples counseling. Our domestic violence counseling will deal with the short term and long term emotions and provide tools to developing healthier relationships.

Deal with life's ups and downs together with the help of Howard Counseling Services

Work through couples and families issues with one call:


Counseling for life changes

Changes such as divorce, separation and loss, and other traumatic experiences can cause issues that can disrupt the family unit. Preempt situations from causing issues in your family with the help of Howard Counseling Services. Howard Counseling Service can provide a safe space to deal with all feelings and changes, so that every member of the family feels valued.

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Parenting/Parent Coaching

A parent coach serves families, is dedicated to making a difference and seeks to enable parents to accomplish their parenting goals.  As the parents practice the communication and other parenting skills learned, family relationships improve and the parents are better equipped for their parenting journey ahead.